Whitetail Deer Scents

Concord Whitetail Scents is located 30 miles south of Buffalo, New York in the rolling hills of Western New York. We are a family owned and run business. Our deer urine is collected fresh from bottle-raised mature bucks and does on our farm. Throughout hunting season, our urine is collected fresh daily and is 100% pure. 

Why Use Our Top Quality Deer Scent?

Why buy urine from other stores or dealers when you have no idea how long ago the urine was collected? Our urine is different than most distributor's urine because we have our own deer farm and our urine is collected fresh daily.

We sell a variety of urine: Dominant buck, Buck, Doe in Heat, Doe, Doe Trailer, and Doe and Tonquin Musk, as well as Red Fox cover up scent.

During Rut

Within two weeks of the peak of the rut is when you want to bust out a top-dollar doe estrus scent. When you start seeing those first bucks—either in person or on a trail camera—running loopy through the forest on the trail of a doe, spread the scent liberally around your best stand on three or four wicks. Mix in a little tarsal gland to fuel a dominant buck’s jealousy at the same time. Use both on drags going in to your stand.

Early Season

Basic doe urine is all you want to use now. It will reassure deer as they move through an area that all is well in that part of the woods, especially as they travel about on the feeding patterns that are common now. If you go with an estrous scent early, you’ll only spook deer, as they will know that isn’t natural for this time of year.

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